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Exhibition Stand Marketing- Are Your Stand Staff Costing You Sales?

Exhibition Stand Marketing- Are Your Stand Staff Costing You Sales?
Exhibition Stand Marketing- Are Your Stand Staff Costing You Sales?
The only way all of your team’s advance preparation for the show will pay dividends is if the individuals sent to staff the stand on event day put perform well. In addition to investing time and money into the appearance, logistics and process, you must also be sure to invest in the people who are involved in your product so that they will be able to promote your services and products accurately and well.

It is absolutely essential to send your people out with a specific task to accomplish during the time of the actual exhibition. Each man and woman should be given responsibility according to his or her strengths, and the team itself should gel. Preferably, the people on your team already work very well together, and that will be obvious to potential customers who visit your exhibition stand. It would be best to have experienced salespeople, who know how to secure plenty of leads, on your team.

Certainly, if you have a great looking stand, you must make sure that the people manning it look good as well. After addressing the task each team member will be assigned for whilst on the exhibition stand, you should address the issue of their appearance. Your team should look like a team, either in company shirts and similarly colored trousers/dresses and shoes, or in similar business attire.

Be certain that your group has the correct attitude from the start. They should be positive and accommodating to the visitors of the exhibition. Make sure not to overwhelm them with additional responsibilities the evening before the event, especially if they are commuting from their homes to the site of the exhibition. In addition, the team needs to be ready to devote long days, much of which they’ll spend on their feet, to staffing the exhibition stand.

All of this should be discussed in a staff training course, to take place before the show. The team should practice running through and simulating situations that could possibly emerge. Put your team in situations that are not ideal. Preparation and an advanced knowledge of the company’s services and products are imperative to your success. A lot of money has been invested in your exhibition stand design and build so it’s imperative to get the sales staff training right. There is no reason why your exhibition should not go smoothly and provide you with many leads for months to come if you exhibition team is clear on their appearance, duty, are properly briefed, and have their basic needs met.
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