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Biodata Format For Marriage

Biodata Format For Marriage
Biodata Format For Marriage
Today’s technology has seen the sprouting of various social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook and Bebo. Aside from these popular websites, there are also dating and marriage sites to help lonely souls find their perfect match. How do they accomplish this? Well, by matching potential couples through their biodata. Candidates submit a marriage biodata, a kind of resume with a format designed to find another person who may be compatible with another’s given set of parameters. The process may be much like in job applications, except the candidate is matched with another candidate for marriage.

In South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, matrimonial sites are wildly popular. After registering on the site, candidates are required to create a biodata for marriage; this is in a format much like those seen in job applications, only that the contents are more elaborately personal. Biodata format for marriage are essentially the same in every country, with a little modification if the audience intended is foreign or of another religion. For example, those from India might be conscious of indicating his/her social caste. Generally, there are five main sections that should be included in a marriage biodata: personal details, professional details, family details, contact information, and horoscope details. The following is an example of a biodata format for marriage:

Personal Details
Marital Status (specify whether never married, separated/ divorced with or without children)
Date and place of birth
Height and Weight (others replace weight with body type
that may either be slim, athletic, heavy)
Habits (lifestyle practices such as smoking, vegetarianism, etc.)
Educational Qualifications (including the name of the school and degrees completed should be sufficient)
Professional Details
Job status (this may be omitted if currently working or studying)
Company name and Job Profile (simply state where you work and what you do)
Family Details
name and occupation
Mother’s name and occupation
Siblings and occupation
Describe whether your family is joint or nuclear, especially if you are a male.
Origin (some
are particular about a partner’s roots, as it can be taken as a sign of compatibility)
Contact Information
This section should
include an address, mobile number/s, home phone number/s, or a business number if you allow calls in the office. An email address should also be provided.
Horoscope details
In India, people believe
in horoscopes for compatible matching. The following should be included in a marriage biodata if one intends to marry an Indian native: Rashi, Gotra, Kul-devata, Nad, Kul, Caste, Sub Caste and Patrika.
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