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Matrimonial Biodata Format

Matrimonial Biodata Format
Matrimonial Biodata Format
Matrimonial Bio data Format: Do they differ in some websites?

A matrimonial bio data is an essential instrument especially in websites that work to find and match a prospective couple. Filling up a bio data for marriage is as easy as filling a bio data for a job application; the format is the same, although the contents ask for will be different. Personal information, habits, talents, interests, and hobbies are areas that are usually given great attention, as this determines common ground between couples. Other information such as family details and even, horoscopes, are required fields to be included. This may possibly further settle compatibility in terms of heritage or astrology.

Countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan subscribe to matrimonial sites, as some believe that their soul mates may be out there in the world. In these websites, matrimonial bio data are required. Since a matrimonial bio data’s content is information that one would want to know about a prospective partner, the format is generally the same. Sensible Match.com, Vivah.com, Hamarijodi.com, and many other known matrimonial sites have profile formats much like those of a marriage bio data. The matchmaking process may be different (sometimes a human matchmaker is involved, other times profile parameters are electronically matched) but the goal is still the same: to find one’s soul mate!

Common Matrimonial Bio data Format
The matrimonial bio data format in several sites does not differ much. For example, in sensible match.com, a profile summary may include the name, age, gender, height, religion, caste (usually private if an unregistered user views it), occupation, city, and country. Clicking the to view the full profile leads to a page with an account of one’s personal information, education and career, physical attributes, language spoken hobbies, interests, attitudes and behaviour, spiritual background and social caste, astronomic information, contact information, and even partner expectation. Vivah.com may be a little less detailed but it includes the important sections. This includes personal information, religion, culture, lifestyle, hobbies and interests, education, career, family, heritage, and a short summary about a potential candidate is readily available. The format featured in Vivah.com may be more ideal, as short but informative profiles are easier to read and understand. However, very detailed matrimonial bio data are much more fun to read, and may give an idea on what kind of person the prospective partner is, as he or she may have spent time and effort in describing what he or she wants. Regardless, a matrimonial data should be a truthful about oneself and his/her needs, as marriage is a bond that is meant to last until death.
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